The big fellow waved his hand. All the soldiers stopped immediately. But still around Li Feiyang. Looking at it.
"Who are you?" The strong man asked.
Li Feiyang turned to look around the villagers. There was a look of fear on their faces. But looked at Li Feiyang with concern. The color of worry is unobstructed.
Li Feiyang clear voice said, "I’m a villager in Houhou Village. My Lord, please answer my question. "
The strong man’s face showed color again. But he still said in a voice, "There was a landslide after the accident. The Great Witch Zhu said that the villagers lived at the foot of the mountain. Angry, empress. I was asked to take them back. Sacrifice the empress! "
The strong man is very confident. Everyone can hear clearly in the place. All the villagers immediately turned pale. Several older ones were immediately spread out on the floor. But Li Feiyang saw a pair of shining eyes in the crowd. It was a wooden figure standing in the middle of the crowd, and his eyes were staring straight at Li Feiyang. With the meaning of inquiry. I seem to want to ask him what he is going to do.
Li Feiyang suddenly had a feeling. If you can’t get these villagers out of danger. Mutu will do something to stop all this.
He saw a hint of determination in the old man’s eyes.
Li Feiyang took a deep breath. Without giving in, he asked, "There was a landslide after that. What is the relationship with these villagers? "
The strong man smiled. There was a hint of disdain and ridicule in the smile: "Young man. If that’s what you’re asking. Then you can shut up. Although you are strong, you are from this village. I have to take you away, too. " Speaking of this, he ordered the soldiers around him: "Get him!"
"Wait!" Li Feiyang took a drink. I said a sentence that shocked everyone: "I shot the back mountain." It has nothing to do with the villagers! "
Quiet ~ ~-~
All the guards. All the villagers were silent. Stunned looking at Li Feiyang. With a deep horror and incredible color on his face. Strong man is also a face of surprise. Even the old man who has been expressionless around him. I am also deeply moved.
"Ha ha ha ha ~ ~" After a long time, the big fellow smiled. I seem to have heard the funniest thing in the world. Laughing and coughing several times. Just gasped and said, "Young man. You have balls! I admire you very much. It’s a pity that your clumsy lie doesn’t convince me. But for the sake of making me laugh. I want you to get out of here. You can go now. "
The soldiers immediately got out of the way, but Li Feiyang stood still.
"If I prove it to you, can you let the villagers leave?" Li Feiyang’s words broke the ground. Trembling the chest of the people around you.
The strong man frowned. Tightly staring at Li Feiyang’s face seems to be trying to make sure if he is joking. After a long time. He looked at the old man around him. Whispered something to the old man. Then he asked, "How do you prove it?"
Li Feiyang took a deep breath. Walk out of the crowd silently. Standing on an empty place. Mace in hand suddenly disappeared. I took the aiming bow in my hand.
The villagers suddenly gave a low shout and watched the mace disappear inexplicably and then turned into a golden bow. He was deeply surprised by this magical method.
An expression of despair. There is a glimmer of hope again.
Li Feiyang slowly took out an arrow. On the aiming bow.
Zi zi zi ~ ~ Li Fei slowly pulls the bowstring. His arm trembled slightly as if it were alive. The bare arm skin slowly turns red. The tiger with claws and teeth. The more vivid it is.
Don’t know why. Watching Li Feiyang pull the golden bow. Everyone felt a sudden feeling of great depression in their hearts. It’s like a mountain slowly pressing on my heart. It’s suffocating
The strong man unconsciously shook the serrated knife in the handshake. Li Feiyang’s action at this time. Let him have a very dangerous feeling.
And the old man beside him. Eyes are getting brighter and brighter. The long staff in the hand gently drew two small circles. A layer of invisible gas strength spread throughout his body. Then the old man gave me a look of relief.
Crack ~ ~! Li Feiyang’s hard soil sank in between. Not past his ankle.
The golden bow is expanding bigger and bigger. Li Feiyang frowned. Accumulate the strength in the body without reservation. I even poured my own yuan into it. He must succeed once. After the top of the Houshan Mountain collapsed. The fracture is already very thick. I want to take the last effect again. It’s not that easy.
So … He must do his best.
Finally, Li Feiyang slowly pulled the bowstring to the extreme. Then suddenly let go!
Bang ~ ~
Just like the violent roar of that day. They only saw a golden light brake disappear. There is no trace of Chu Yu’s arrow shooting out!
The big fellow eyes fierce stare. Slightly back. Even a cold sweat oozed from his back.
This arrow is … so fast. What a great power!
Booming ~ ~-!
The big ones seem to shake in an instant. The distant top of the mountain. It’s like being suddenly hit by a meteor. Bang, open it. A large tent of rubble exploded into a ball in an instant. Bloom like a flower. The whole top of the mountain was covered with smoke and dust in an instant. There was a loud rumble. It’s like thousands of stones are hitting each other. It’s like a million-strong army charging again.
Everyone looked at the top of Houshan Mountain in amazement. The scene in front of me is so incredible. So much so that it was greatly out of their imagination.
This ….. This is human can do it?
No one said a word. Hundreds of people just looked at the top of the mountain in wait for a while. Wait until the smoke slowly dissipates … out of the top of the mountain where there is a huge gap.
It’s like a grown mouth. It’s like a crescent moon falling on the top of the mountain. The majestic Houshan Mountain. So changed the shape in front of everyone …

Chapter 121 The plan of the old witch wishes
There was silence after the collapse.
At this time, everyone looked at Li Feiyang’s eyes, which was no longer fear and surprise, but strange.
The villagers naturally know that Li Feiyang wants to save them, so they will do so under the eyes of the public. But the problem is … So, he really shot down the back hill?
Should I be grateful or hate him? The position of the Houshan Mountain in the hearts of barbarians is extremely sacred. If he really shot it down, he is a sinner for barbarians. But he knew this would be the result, but he bravely stood up and admitted … just to prevent the villagers from being punished.
Complex emotions are entangled in the hearts of the villagers, but the villagers are more grateful.
He could have left, but he chose to stay …
The soldiers around, it is a face of deference and hesitation. Barbarians are brave and brave, and an arrow can collapse the top of the back mountain. Such a warrior can already be described as divine power.
But the problem is … They have to take such a warrior back …
Who can defeat such a warrior?
The big fellow and the old man looked at each other for several eyes, and saw scruples and hesitation from each other’s eyes. (For more new chapters, please go to Nine.
After a long silence, the man looked up at Li Feiyang and asked, "What are you going to do?"