Nothing else, that is, the intensity of training, they feel that they can’t bear it.
Moreover, the constant victory requires players to pay absolute attention to energy in training and not to be distracted. On the one hand, it’s a disciplinary requirement; on the other hand, Lazio’s training intensity is very high, and it’s easy to get tired. If you are distracted during training, you may get hurt yourself or your teammates. It’s all right if you hurt yourself, causing injuries to your teammates. It’s too sorry for your teammates …
It seems that money and honor are not easy to earn in Lazio …
With their deeper understanding of winning, they admire their compatriot more and more.
It’s really not easy for a China man to achieve his present position in European football alone, and it’s also inseparable from his usual efforts.
Unconsciously, Changsheng’s position in the minds of these players is already very high, even … higher than the guidance of his head coach Gao Hongbo.
Of course, they didn’t think it was disrespectful to Gao Hongbo’s high guidance. Anyway, Gao Guidance also worked under Chang Sheng’s men and laid hands on him. It is normal that Gao Guidance is not as good as Chang Sheng’s …
As soon as we heard that it was Changsheng’s treat, everyone took a bath quickly and then changed their clothes. They didn’t bring any clothes, except the national team suits for formal occasions, mainly the national team sportswear provided by sponsors.
A group of players from China’s national team all wore red and black national team sportswear and attended the Christmas dinner hosted by Changsheng for them.
The coach of Lazio Club took them to a magnificent restaurant in downtown Rome. Just by looking at the decoration design of this restaurant, we know that it is a high-end restaurant. It must cost a lot to eat here.
Many people are tongue-tied, and the legend is always better than money. It seems to be true …
This is different from the usual buffet dinner for the national team. Everyone sits around the big round table, and then the waiters serve the dishes in order.
It’s a more formal banquet.
There are 30 players on the national team training list alone, plus coaches, team leaders and staff, which is about 40 people.
A table for ten people is exactly four tables.
Chang Sheng took his family to attend, and everyone got a close look at the diva Avril Lavigne.
She doesn’t look old after giving birth to a child.
It is said that she is planning a comeback.
Players of China’s national team are all stars in China, so they have to wear sunglasses on the street for fear of being recognized by fans.
As a result, they are more like groupies who have never seen the world …
Before the dinner started, no leader spoke.
Because it is a private banquet for the national team, it is not natural for Wei Shaohui, the leader of the national team and an official of the Football Association, to speak.
People in the Football Association still understand these rules.
In other people’s territory, it’s not your turn to stand out.
This time he just came to eat.
Everyone seems to be looking at the constant victory.
Without the leader to speak, the host family has to say something, right?
Sure enough, Chang Sheng and Gao Hongbo whispered a few words, then pulled open the chair and stood up.
Then a waiter handed a wireless microphone.
He really has something to say.
Changsheng does have something to say. He invited everyone to eat this meal, not just to give them a holiday.
He has a full stomach and wants to tell them, as a former China fan, to tell them.
He was an ordinary China fan in the previous life. He was not qualified and had no chance to speak in front of these international players.
But now, he has changed his identity, and finally he can have such an opportunity.
He wants to tell the players of these national teams what he has said for two lifetimes.
Because he is not sure whether anyone has said such a thing to them before, if so, let him talk about it once, if not, let him be the first person and let him remind these players.
Moreover, he felt that if he was just the fan in his previous life, even if he had the opportunity to say this, I am afraid no one would listen to him.
But now, he said these words to them as the most successful football coach in China’s history. He believes that some of them can be listened to …
Chapter three hundred and thirty-three I have something to say to you
Chang Sheng is standing next to his seat. He holds a wireless microphone in one hand and the back of the chair next to him in the other. On his left, China head coach Gao Hongbo sits, while on his right, his wife Avril Lavigne sits.
Seeing him stand up, all eyes were on him.
Chang Sheng was also looking at them. He didn’t speak immediately, but looked at these players one by one, comparing their faces and names with what he had known in his previous life.
There is almost no difference.
Of course, many of these people are always giving advice to Gao Hongbo.
How would these players feel if they knew it was their own suggestion that got them into the national team?
Changsheng smiled.
When everyone saw Chang Sheng laughing, they didn’t know what was wrong with him.
I stood up for a long time without saying a word, and now I suddenly smiled.
Is he hysterical?
In that very short time, Changsheng has recalled the scenes of watching this China national team in his previous life.
Some national teams drew Germany 1-1 in the first game, some beat France 1-0 in a warm-up match before the 2010 World Cup, and some beat South Korea 3-0 in the East Asian semi-finals, ending the game of fear of Korea …
Those classic scenes that make him cry when he thinks about it.
China football has really not brought happiness to its fans for a long time …
Until Gao Hongbo’s national team appeared.
Regardless of the results, at the very least, he can make China fans exclaim when watching the game: "This is actually the cooperation played by the China team? Is this really not Barcelona? "
This is already great …
How many people began to pay attention to the national team competition again because Gao Hongbo’s national team played well?
Chang Sheng recovered from his memories and smiled at everyone: "Today, you are invited to relax. After all, you have been in Vermelot for more than 20 days. But most of the time, you have worked hard and trained at the Vermelot training base. So I invite everyone to spend Christmas together. Of course, we China people should pay more attention to New Year’s Day, but you all left on New Year’s Day, so we spent two festivals together. "
Changsheng raised his glass: "Come on, I wish you all a happy holiday! I wish you good health and all your wishes come true! But most importantly, I wish you all good results in the upcoming Asian Cup! "
Everyone followed and raised their glasses.
But the glass is not filled with wine, but with golden juice.
Putting down his glass, Chang Sheng continued: "I know you have been training hard these days, but such hardships are necessary. Because the game you are going to play next is not easy. It’s not a stress-free warm-up match, but the real Asian Cup! Representing the highest level of Asian football! This is why you will appear here for training. "
"It’s my initiative to call Gao Jiao and tell him that the Vermelot training base will open the door for you at any time if necessary. The reason why I do this is very simple, that is, I want to help you and help my country’s own team. I am a native of China. I have worked hard in Europe for more than ten years. During this long time, I have met many China players who have studied abroad. They can make remarkable achievements in a certain period of time, but they will eventually fall silent … So overall, our football level in China is still very backward. The reasons for China’s backward football level include all aspects, and the national team’s performance has also been affected by many factors … but I have to say that the above is bullshit! "
Changsheng suddenly swears, scaring the people who are doing it.
They looked at the ever-victorious eyes with a little surprise, but they were also more interested.
To them, this time it doesn’t seem to be the kind of leadership speech that makes people sleepy.