Cai Mao swore that she had never kissed a man. I didn’t know what it’s like to be a man until today. I feel really uncomfortable and I don’t know how many nightmares I have to have.
"Ahem ….." Suddenly, the sound of a nasty cough started, and Li was finally relieved. Liu Biao woke up.
Cai Mao was overjoyed. "Master, it’s great that you’re awake!"
Liu Biao stared blankly, only to remember that he had been hunted down before, and then fell into the river with Li She. I don’t remember much about what happened afterwards. In short, Li She should have saved herself and thanked him: "Thank you for saving his life."
"Zhou Mu is the master of Jingxiang, how can he die here?"
"Master, come up quickly, the river is about to close." Li Zhuang’s voice came from above. I don’t need to think about it, but I know it’s Guo Jia’s meaning. I don’t hesitate now. "Please go up and say something, this is not the place to talk."
Gan Ning was waiting to come forward to meet Li She ashore. Suddenly, her eyes showed panic. Without any representative, she came forward and caught Li She and Zhang Xiu rushing into the river on the right. Cai Mao knew Gan Ning’s ability, and she no longer hesitated when she saw this situation. She quickly followed Liu Biao.
At this time, there is a military commander with a double sword in the river on the left, who has been dormant for a long time, trying to chop the sword on the water wall. At the end of the day, it was Guo Jia who attached the essence to the water wall that caused the wonders of river splitting. At this moment, Ling Cao groped for a long time and finally found a point that Guo Jia tried his best to do, which was a giant salamander wandering in the water wall.
Under the full chopping, the fish dissipated, but it turned out to be a virtual shadow, and the water wall broke. The river with a depth of more than ten meters immediately surged and screamed, causing a huge splash.
Even Ling Cao himself was shaken by this power, and he was dizzy. Li She, who was also in the river, felt that there was a constant stream of water trying to tear his body, but thanks to Gan Ning, Gan Ning always swam with the trend, just like a flexible Youlong, which minimized the pressure in the water. Moreover, Li She and Zhang Xiu were still wearing heavy armor, so they were definitely unable to swim, but Gan Ning still could take them up rapidly.
The underwater torrent is surging and the water is also turbulent. Guo Jia exclaimed: "A waterway master has found the eye of the array and broken my large array of water diversion."
With a bang, the water broke, and Gan Ning rushed up with Li She and Zhang Xiu and landed on the bamboo raft. Zhang Xiu gasped. "Even if I have to face a million soldiers in the future, I don’t want to face this ruthless water again."
After a while, Cai Mao also rushed out with Liu Biao. Like Li She, he held Liu Biao’s nose and mouth tightly with his big hand. It seems that he still followed Li She’s study. As soon as he landed on the bamboo raft, he immediately let go of his hand and knelt down in fear: "Please forgive me, master. In the end, it was really helpless."
Where is Liu Biao’s angry mind now? He only cares about panting and coughing, and has no other superfluous thoughts.
"The ghost never leaves!" Li involved in front of Gan Ning’s teeth and nu way, he saw Gan Ning’s plunge into the river and lost his figure.
After about half a quarter of an hour, the turbulent water has not calmed down. Li She knows that this is because Gan Ning is fighting with the enemy generals underwater. Both of them are generals. It is the most basic thing to stay in the water for a while. Li She once asked Gan Ning how long he could hold his breath underwater. Gan Ning’s answer was "If I don’t have to eat, I can stay in the water forever."
Li she really wants to ask, do you breathe with your gills?
Just then, the surface of the water stirred, and a general rushed out. Only the left hand was still holding the sword, and the sword of the right hand had been lost, and the left hand was still clutching the right arm. You don’t have to think about it, but you know that the right arm must have been injured.
"Where to run!" Soon, Gan Ning followed, drinking and killing Ling Cao.
Ling Cao was afraid of Gan Ning’s power, so he ran across the water without looking back. This is also one of the basic abilities of the water commander, who can tread the water temporarily, unlike Gan Ning’s special arms, Yin Ling Jin Fan, who can tread the water like stepping on the ground.
In the body of the flank, Lingcao was scared of the dead, and his heart was unwilling. "Am I dead like this? I haven’t made a career yet! I have a wife and children waiting for me at home, and I can never die like this! "
Not far away, Li She, who was quietly watching, seemed to be thoughtful. She said: It seems that Ling Cao died at the hands of Gan Ning in history, and the hatred was carried on to the next generation. Ling Tong wanted to avenge his father, but he was moved by Gan Ning’s chivalrous heart and became friends. Now I think it is difficult to be friends, because I am not Sun Quan.
"Zhou Dage, they rushed over, what shall we do? Can I help you? Help who? " On the other side of the river, Zhou Tai and others were waiting to see what happens. Suddenly, two of them rushed directly towards this side, and Jiang Qin hurriedly asked.
Zhou Tai got up and stood up, and Jiang Qin hurriedly waved and took a bunch of people to stand up. Ling Cao was already determined to live and die, and suddenly hundreds of troops appeared in front. The first one was burly and imposing, and when he was a hero, he shouted, "Brother, help me! Jiangdong must have a report! "
Is Zhou Tai this body, gan ning paused slightly, thought it was jiangdong reinforcements, on second thought, how can reinforcements only hundreds of people, a closer look, again, these people are all water thieves dressed up, at the end of the day and do the same business.
This short stupidly, LingCao has rushed to the gang’s side, Zhou Tai slightly sideways, let LingCao, LingCao show gratitude, dash away.
"Zhou Dage?" Jiang Qin didn’t understand why Zhou Tai chose to help Jiangdong. Now letting this man go is obviously an enemy of Liu Biao’s army. Jiang Qin looked at the river and swallowed unconsciously. He whispered, "Are we going to run?"
"Are you going to help the thief in Jiangdong?" Gan Ning stopped chasing Ling Cao, knowing that these people would be intercepted if they pursued it again.
"No, the general misunderstood. We don’t help anyone, just passers-by." Zhou Tai hand laughed.
Gan Ning was angry. "Since we are passing by, why should we let evil go?"
"The general said that we were passing by. It seems that there is no reason for us to leave the evil general mentioned by the general."
Gan ning was annoyed. "I won’t talk with you. In short, you can’t just leave, wait for my master to deal with it!"
"I heard that Liu Biao, the new Jingzhou shepherd, is impartial and selfless in everything for the people. I believe that Zhou Mu’s adult can give me justice, and I will naturally not leave."
"Liu table? Hey, what is Liu Biao? My master is not Liu Biao! " ?