"You?" Jinyang has some doubts.
Regardless of whether Taoist Jinyang wants it or not, he directly throws the golden body to Jinyang and says, "I have atoned for my sins for tens of thousands of years. The teacher has dropped the Dharma a few days ago so that he can go back to" thirty-three days away "and continue to practice Dharma in the teacher’s seat."
Jinyang caught the golden body, and the slight detection was really as the Taoist said, and the magic contained in it was really amazing. The bald donkey looked at the Taoist face and Jinyang suddenly thought about many things.
Clear light flashes and instantly hides the Taoist priest’s flesh into clear light and the most original energy dissipates in the air. The Yuan God wrapped the true spirit and directly plunged into The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
Jinyang was watching the whole process, but he didn’t stop it. It was the best ending for the Tibetan people. There was a yuan god to protect the immortal, but in a blink of an eye, things would soon be back to "33 days away."
Of course, it will take "thirty-three days" after the immortal.
"Go home!"
Jinyang turned to the Ten Temples behind him, and said, The Ten Temples are all dim in the depths of Yan’s eyes. They were all haunted by the punishment from "thirty-three days away" by Daozu, and they thought that the sin of Tibetan was so heavy that they had to be reincarnated forever to return to "thirty-three days away".
Jinyang ignored their whole body Zijin Zhenyuan flashing and broke up and flew directly to the outside of the valley. The feather spirit was not interested in the ten temples of Yan, and these godsworn immortals were working hard to restore their injuries. See Jinyang fly away from nature and hurry.
Ten temple Yan looked at each other and sighed slightly, and they all got up and flew back. They didn’t dare to quote too much hope for Jinyang’s promise.
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Heaven Volume Chapter 442 Heaven to purport
Heaven Volume Chapter 442 Heaven to purport
Jinyang Shennian has already swept through the valley. There is no sign of Fengdu Emperor. He is not in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s mouth. He is probably not in the underworld. If he is really there, he should be released before the reincarnation of Tibetan.
Get rid of the demon. Several people soon returned to feng du Hall. Judge Cui Yu was dealing with matters in the temple. Suddenly, he saw Jinyang and others coming in to see that no one was killed or injured. Suddenly, he was overjoyed and hurriedly drove away Yin Shen and Yin Zi, and Zhong Kui came to salute together.
Jinyang nodded, although there were no casualties, but the original intention was not reached. Fengdu Emperor’s fall today did not hinder the overall situation, but Jinyang once said that he would be able to save it. After all, some ugliness will definitely have an impact on his prestige
In the back hall, Cui Yu saw no Fengdu Emperor figure after the ceremony for all. Suddenly, he was a little worried and looked at Jinyang in a hurry, hoping to find out the answer from Jinyang. When he saw Jinyang’s face was bad, the brilliance in his eyes suddenly dimmed.
Feather spirit is too lazy to take care of these trivial things and flies to the corner of the back hall, suspended in the middle of the hall. The whole body is wrapped in golden light, and the body is really digested. That is the essence of life left by the death of two generations of heavenly demons, which is equivalent to two days of demon department.
Feather spirit knows the benefits and naturally won’t tell Jinyang that he knows a little about Jinyang. If Jinyang knows the benefits of this golden curtain, he will try his best to rob the past. If one does not pay attention to being trapped by Jinyang’s "devil pot", the loss is really big.
Looking at Yu Ling curled up in the corner of the back hall, Jinyang didn’t bother to pay attention to him. He asked him to rescue him when his life was in danger. In fact, he turned to Cui Yu and suddenly remembered that he met a hag and asked, "Is there a hag waiting for the emperor outside the temple?"
Cui Yu calmly heard Jinyang’s question in grief and indignation, and suddenly woke up and quickly replied, "I really have a hag outside, and I didn’t come into the temple, so I waited outside the temple, saying that I was looking for the little god of the emperor, and I didn’t know the truth, so I just let him wait outside the temple."
Seeing Jinyang didn’t argue that the hag was really Jinyang’s hand and hurriedly confessed, "Little God will bring the hag in."
"No," Jinyang quickly stopped and said, "Is it up to you to handle ordinary things in this place?"
"It’s true that the ten Yan adults of the Great Emperor have reached the bottleneck of practice and need to be closed to break through the existing realm. The ordinary things are handled by the little gods. Of course, Zhong Kui often comes to help, otherwise I will be too busy alone."
Jinyang looked at Cui Yu’s side. Zhong Kui, this guy is always silent, but his repair is really good. He is a talented person who wanted to think and said, "Cui Panguan Ten Hades will die in this life. Even if he is still alive, I’m sure he is not in the hell at the moment. This hell is also one of the three worlds. After all, he can’t be a Lord for one day."
Cui Yu one leng immediately to react hurriedly leaned down and said "little god humble dare not talk about everything by the emperor to make decision".
Zhong Kui didn’t speak, but he also bowed and bowed, and his meaning was also very white.
Jinyang corners of the mouth flashed a little smile and then said, "The Emperor led the ancestors to come to the underworld to clear away the demon outside the country. At this moment, the demon has been punished by the underworld for a day, and I will take the liberty of claiming that once the theme of the underworld is temporarily assumed by Cui Yu, and I will invite the ancestors of Sanqing Road in the future."
"no!" Cui Yu hurriedly refused to say, "Don’t thank the emperor for his love, but the strength of the little god is too poor. It’s just a true fairy who can serve as the Lord of hell. I think it’s still up to Zhong Kui to sit down. He has a mysterious fairy who can also deter many Yin gods in hell."
Jinyang smiled and said, "Zhong Kui is brave but resourceful. In the future, he will be a pioneer in the underworld with the Emperor, but he is not suitable for the Emperor. It is up to you to be willing to turn you into a master of Xuanxian at any time."
Feeling the shards of dharma body in the "devil’s refining pot" come out and cut a finger casually. It is absolutely a piece of cake for Cui Yu to absorb the energy and advance to Xuan Wonderland. Moreover, it is estimated that it will take an hour for him to help Cui Yu absorb the energy of dharma body fingers.
Cui Yu still has some mother-in-law, but Zhong Kui immediately bowed down and worshipped him. Although he said little, he was not stupid. From Jinyang’s words, he had long recognized some meanings. Fengdu Emperor was run, and Cui Yu, the landlord of the underworld, wanted to be proper and didn’t want to be. That was also appropriate.
Jinyang wants to take him to his side. For him, Zhong Kui, although he can’t see any good things at present, it is definitely not a bad thing. Since Jinyang dares to be a private landlord, it is definitely not beneficial for the Jade Emperor to follow such a landlord. It will certainly be cheaper.
Looking at Cui Yu, there is still some adamant4 Jinyang, and suddenly some anger gives you a world throne. You still push from pillar to post and suddenly shout, "Don’t talk too much, the emperor asks you to sit down, so you can sit down for me. Can you subdue those Yin gods? I will send some masters to you in a few days, and whoever dares to talk too much will directly extinguish them."
Just this time, Jinyang has been considering that it is better to leave the Asura ethnic group in the underworld directly. It is absolutely the most suitable for Jinyang for the Asura ethnic group to let Hades lead the ethnic group to move into the underworld. This can also help Hades find a piece to let the ethnic group cultivate and live.
Hearing Jinyang’s great anger, Cui Yu suddenly dared not talk nonsense again. He was not melodramatic, but really didn’t want to be a judge. He was already busy and dizzy, and then the local government owner wouldn’t be directly exhausted.
But now that Jinyang has spoken out, he can’t refute it face to face. He can hope to dissuade him behind his back and get rid of this thankless job. If possible, the judge’s position should also be given up
But just then, two Yin gods reported to heaven in front of the temple that there was a jade emperor’s decree.
Hearing this, Jinyang immediately smiled and said, "Go! Pick up the purport and come back. Let’s go on talking. "
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Celestial Volume Chapter 443 Eager
Celestial Volume Chapter 443 Eager
How dare Cui Yu neglect the Ten Temples in Zhong Kui? The Yan hurriedly went out of the back temple and went to the front temple to worship and knelt down for a heavenly purpose.
Cheongwan was sent to the underworld, and it was even more annoying to be neglected, but he also knew that Jinyang was in the underworld. He had long known that Jinyang’s temper could not tell Jinyang what he wanted, and he didn’t say much. He quickly told the Jade Emperor that he would come out.
Not many words, but Cui Yu, the king of Ten Temples, was speechless. The king of Ten Temples was indeed allowed to return to "thirty-three days away" with the approval of Daozu, and Cui Yuze was named by the Jade Emperor as the new mansion owner, who also said that he could worship at the monarch gate of the universe.