"I am the sworn brother of Wang Shizi of Beiyan, the adopted son of Princess Yan!" Mu Qingfeng didn’t want to reveal his identity, and he didn’t sign up himself when he talked to Wu County Magistrate. He couldn’t help it when he met the unappreciative Qiu Ba.
"It turned out to be a master of the Northern Yan Army, and I was reckless. I still hope that adults will not remember the villain and forgive my impulse. As for your arrangement, I will do it right away, right away."
Li Xiang’s respect and arrogance made Mu Qingfeng unprepared. I didn’t know until now that everyone who was a soldier in the summer was eager to enter the army of the Four Kings. It turned out that in this era, the treatment and equipment of the army of the Four Kings were higher than that of the local troops, and it was no exaggeration to say that it was a difference between clouds and mud, so Li Xiang was particularly afraid to offend Muqingfeng. Knowing MuQingFeng’s hidden identity, even Fang Qing evil spirit couldn’t help looking at it.
Thanks to his identity, Mu Qingfeng has roughly figured out the distribution of troops in Changlin Town. Li Xiang is the captain of the Centennial Team. There are eleven captains like him. This is all the troops in Changlin Town. I heard that there are only a few thousand people. Mu Qingfeng’s face is a little heavy. It’s not much problem to play one or two wars, and he is afraid that Changlin Town will attract many bandits to attack. That’s not good, but then again, Changlin Town is like a piece of cake now, and anyone who is extremely hungry wants to take a bite.
Of course, we can’t stop fighting because the upcoming war is difficult to fight. Mu Qingfeng took the time to arrange the refugees and Li Xiang’s team to build fortifications, and the province was caught off guard. Although Li Xiang didn’t understand why Mu Qingfeng wanted to do these things, under the great temptation of entering the Northern Yan Army, he still worked hard. In less than six days, outside Changlin Town, he initially had a position.
Just when Li Xiang felt that she could have a rest, bad news came from the scouts ahead. A bandit team of about two thousand people will come to Changlin Town tomorrow morning, and their purpose is also very clear, that is, to eat the wealth of Changlin Town and prepare for continuing northward.
Hearing the news, Li Xiang turned a little pale. Hearing that the number of bandits was twice that of himself, he didn’t know what to do. After all, he is only the captain of the 100-man team and knows nothing about strategy.
"Captain Li, please call all the captains together tonight. I have something to say." Muqingfeng didn’t panic at all, and didn’t even take these bandits to heart. You should know that there are 1,000 regular troops in your hands. Although the training is not particularly hard, it is much better than the temporary refugees. MuQingFeng only worry is that beat off this wave and the next wave, so it will definitely bring down Changlin Town.
"Since everyone is here, I will say that this time, the magistrate of Wu County entrusted me to help defend Changlin Town, so I am not melodramatic. What are you going to do in the face of these two thousand bandits?"
Mu Qingfeng spoke first at the evening meeting.
Originally, most people must be unwilling to see Muqingfeng sitting in the main seat at a young age, but after listening to Li Xiang’s another identity, they can’t help but be respectful. I hope to show my face in front of the red man in Beiyanfu and give myself a chance to jump into the dragon gate. It’s a pity that these people, like Li Xiang, have muscles, but it’s their turn to arrange troops, so …
Mu Qingfeng knew that it was casting pearls before swine when he heard the remarks that "those who fought with them", "white knives went everywhere" and "I came to kill one, and two killed a pair", and finally the tactics had to be formulated by myself.
Just as he was cheering them up, a scout stumbled into the room, and the blood on his face surprised everyone present, especially one of the scouts’ ears was cut off.
"What’s the matter? !” Li Xiang obviously knows this scout.
"Report captain, big bad, this attack is not ordinary refugees bandits, but the elite of bandits, they have three hundred cavalry! The villain was caught by them at the moment, and they asked the villain to wear a letter, asking you to open the door and surrender tomorrow, otherwise … "The scouts dare not say.
"Say it, or else what!" Li Xiang asked loudly.
"Otherwise, after the city is broken, the chickens and dogs will not stay!" The scouts’ answer made the captain here look bad, especially when he heard that there were cavalry among the bandits, but he lost the momentum at the beginning.
"good! In that case, I will know these so-called elites! " Mu Qingfeng knows that if the momentum is gone at this time, it will be all over.
Mu Qingfeng’s words surprised all the captains. I didn’t expect this young boy to be not afraid at all.
"Childe, are we …" Li Xiang asked carefully.
"From now on, call me little general, since I’m going to live and die with you, stir the Ma Shao in a pot, don’t call me childe. I am at least the adopted son of Princess Bei Yan. Can I afford to be a general? " Mu Qingfeng interrupted Li Xiang’s question.
"When you heard that there were 2,000 bandits, you were scared to be dwarfed. I heard that the rangers’ faces changed. In that case, why should you be a soldier? Go back and hold the children!" Mu Qingfeng changed his usual pleasant countenance, and his export was swearing.
"Little general, you are going too far. Even if we are worried about the situation, you can’t slander us like this. It’s all big men. Who can stand this?" A captain couldn’t help saying.
"Am I wrong?" Muqingfeng coldly said, "If you only look at the number of people in a war, what kind of war is there? The number of people in the ranks of the two armies will become a little bit. Besides, what are the rangers afraid of? I admit that cavalry are natural enemies of infantry, but can they fly to the city with wings? So you started to get scared before you called. Is there a problem with me asking you to go back and hold the baby? !”
Mu Qingfeng’s words made many people bow their heads. After all, what Mu Qingfeng said is very reasonable.
"The reason why I asked you to call me a little general instead of asking me to join the army is because I want to go to the battlefield in person. You are all so old, can’t you compare with me?"
When it comes to their age, many people are even more touched. Are they not even as good as an 18-year-old young man? If they knew Mu Qingfeng’s experience, they wouldn’t say so.
"You’re right! Fear of the ball! Lao tze this one hundred jins to you! Look at the gangsters’ heads and pay back Lao Tzu’s knife! " After thinking for a while, Li Xiang took the first exit back to camp.
With Li Xiang as an example, the rest of the people have expressed their views. Seeing that morale is available, Mu Qingfeng is finally relieved.
At the same time, the bandit team of about five or six hundred people almost reached the periphery of Changlin Town. Some of these people were originally the chief and guards of a small town, and they still belonged to the rogue type. They happened to meet with the Liangzhou disaster, so they rose up and rebelled, killing people and robbing money and robbing color, and they earned a lot of money. Because they had some training, they took advantage of it in the initial battle.
I heard that Changlin Town is the richest town around, so they quickly took their own team and asked to be pioneers. Of course, the main purpose was to rob themselves first. The leader of the bandits is in doubt. I don’t believe that so few of them can lay a well-guarded Changlin town. After all, Wu County magistrate’s reputation is well known. But those gangsters patted their chests and said that there must be no problem. After all, refugees can be collected as cannon fodder on the road. It’s really coming to Changlin Town, and only a few hundred refugees have been received, so one of the leaders frowned.
"Eldest brother, we didn’t receive too much cannon fodder, did we …" A younger gangster expressed everyone’s concern.
"What are you afraid of? I forgot that when we started the uprising, there were only a few dozen brothers, just a Changlin town, and we won a charge. I don’t believe that shit Wuxianling knows how to fight. You think he is a fairy." The person headed by him doesn’t care at all. In his view, Changlin Town is a piece of fat on his lips.
But when they came to the outside of Changlin Town, they were stunned by what they saw. I saw the fortifications outside the city gate, not only the antlers to guard against cavalry, but also the holes to guard against bows and arrows. No matter the leaders or soldiers in the bandits, there is a feeling that this battle seems to be not so good.
Mu Qingfeng and Li Xiang, who got the news early, are looking at the bandits in the distance behind refusing horses.
"Little general, look at this situation. Can we fight for the first time …" A captain’s words were interrupted by Muqingfeng before he finished.
"We will win this battle!"
"I heard the scouts say that when the surrounding counties were attacked, they basically gave up without any resistance. First, they didn’t have enough people to guard their homes, but there was no food in the town. Even if they kept it, it was no use. However, Changlin Town is different from ours. Under the governance of Wu County Magistrate, we still have enough food, and we are not afraid to fight a war of attrition with them at all. Plus, they have won repeatedly, and they must look down on us guards in their hearts. I think everyone knows the truth that pride goes before a fall. Today, we will let the bandits know that men in summer are not so easy to bully. Don’t forget that behind us are our parents, wives and daughters. If we can’t keep it, who will protect them, won’t you? !”
"kill!" A captain shouted loudly.
"kill! Kill! Kill! "Infected by the captain, the 100-man team also began to shout.
Emotional contagion is very fast, and soon, the shouting and killing of the whole Changlin town is deafening, in contrast, the bandits are as pale as earth.
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