"Old pig, Friar Sand … Today, the master preached the Sanzang Sutra in the Huasheng Temple, and it’s time for us to complete our merits!" . Looking at Tang Sanzang who was lecturing on the stage, the Monkey King laughed.
"Yes, these ten years have been more tiring than the previous tens of thousands of years, and it is finally over!" Pig eight quit patted his fat belly and said with a happy face.
"Yes, it’s over, but the new one has just begun!" . Sha Wujing thought.
In the middle of Tang Sanzang’s witty remarks on the stage, five round golden beams fell from the sky. Four of them enveloped Tang Sanzang and the Monkey King. The other has enveloped the Bai Longma tied to the side!
"Good comfortable …" the Monkey King bathed in golden divine light, feeling carefree and tender all over, and thick things that are hard to describe in words entered the body.
The capability is soaring wildly, and the state is also increasing at a rate of one hundred times than before. It wasn’t long before the Monkey King broke through the initial stage of quasi-holiness and reached the middle stage of quasi-holiness. But it still hasn’t stopped, and the magical things contained in the golden divine light continue to supplement the horrible essence needed by the quasi-holy mid-term realm, and it is growing a little bit!
"Good … what a terrible merit!" The Monkey King swept his own situation with the knowledge of gods, and could not help secretly admiring that the infinite utility of this merit has exceeded his expectation.
Finally, when the Monkey King was vaguely about to break through to the late stage of quasi-sainthood, the golden light of merit disappeared. The Monkey King, who woke up from that mysterious and mysterious state, looked at Pig Bajie and Sha Wujing beside him and found that their strength had improved a lot, and their body was emitting this golden light. Of course, these golden lights are invisible to ordinary people.
Just as several people are savoring the surge in their own strength, almost at the same time, a warm voice came into the ears of all people.
"Dear Buddhists, today’s merits are complete, and you are in a Buddhist position. Please wait until Master Xuanzang has finished his lecture and come to the Western Heaven Lingshan. Buddhists in Lingshan will prepare a grand feast for you. And seal the Buddha’s position. "
After three days and three nights, Tang Xuanzang, who was bursting with lotus flowers, finally finished preaching the thirty-five Buddhist scriptures. At the end of the lecture, endless wreaths of petals fell from the sky. Later, amid the misty sound of Buddha, a golden Buddha cloud rose, and Tang Xuanzang, a holy monk of the Tang Dynasty, and his three disciples, even the horse on which the holy monk rode, also went to the Buddha cloud together.
There are only nearly 100,000 Buddhist monks and millions of ordinary people around the Huasheng Temple. They all kneel down and meditate on Amitabha.
In the thirty-seventh year of Emperor Taizong’s Zhenguan, at 3: 00 noon on August 17th, the holy monk of the Tang Dynasty became a Buddha and was in bliss under the attention of thousands of people.
Western Heaven, Lingshan. The solemn hall of the Great Hero in Lingshan is unusually lively today, because soon, five new Buddhists will be crowned together.
For a long time, after eating fast, chanting Buddha and devoting oneself to congratulate, the solemn Hall of the Great Hero is truly solemn.
"After a journey to the West to learn from eighty-one difficult, Xuanzang, a great monk of the Tang Dynasty in Nanzhan Prefecture, has made great contributions to the promotion of my Buddhism and Buddhism within the three realms, and he has been named as the supreme Buddha of sandalwood, and he is in charge of the Buddhist scriptures hall in Lingshan. He has built a palace of sandalwood on the 28 th floor of Lingshan, and he has never been out since. The Tathagata Buddha, who sits high on the nine-grade golden lotus, said solemnly.
"Thank you, Buddha!"
Tang Sanzang say that finish, but see a golden light flying down from 33 days, in a twinkling in Tang Sanzang’s body. With the absorption of merits and demerits, Tang Sanzang’s capacity for cultivation immediately increased rapidly, and he was full of momentum and kept rising. Fairy!
True fairy!
Jin Xian!
Jin Xian Peak!
Da Luo Jin xian
On the hall of the temple, there was a gentle air around it, but it was Tang Sanzang who achieved the utmost merit and sanctity at this time, and he was only one step away from that sanctification.
"Amitabha, I’m very glad that I taught the supreme Buddha of Sandalwood to become a quasi-saint." Tathagata Buddha opens his mouth to congratulate him.
"Amitabha, congratulations to the supreme Buddha for winning the position of quasi-saint." The buddhas also opened their mouths to congratulate each other.
Tang Sanzang listened and replied one by one.
Then, the Tathagata Buddha said to the Monkey King, "the Monkey King, you were superior to the demon king of Huaguoshan in China in the lower world, and you made a big mistake because of causing havoc in the Heavenly Palace. With great magic, I pressed you down at the foot of Wuxing Mountain. Fortunately, I made amends for my punishment. After traveling to the West to learn from eighty-one difficult, I worked hard all the way, and I defended Xuanzang with great achievements. I was awarded the title of fighting.
"Disciple thanked the Buddha." The Monkey King bowed, and his voice fell, and his merits in the sky fell. the Monkey King refined it all, and the momentum of the whole person suddenly rose. Suddenly, there was a wave in the void. I saw a monkey in shining armor coming out and said to the Monkey King, "I fight for Buddhism and meet this Buddha."
It was the Monkey King who used this great merit to cut out his own good thoughts-fighting over the Buddha, and the Monkey King achieved the position of quasi-holiness to the extreme. Naturally, all the Buddhas had some congratulations.
After sealing the two men, the Tathagata turned to Pig Bajie and sealed: "Pig Wuneng, you are the water god of Tianhe River, Marshal Tianpeng, who played fairy moths for your drunkenness at the Peach Blossom Party, and degraded you to be reborn in the lower world. Fortunately, you remember to love your life, committed sins in the Yunzhan Cave in Fuling Mountain, and you are happy to return to the great religion. You entered my house and protected the holy monk on the road, but you were stubborn and did not die.
"Disciple thanked Buddha for his gift." After Zhu Bajie worshiped Taoism and absorbed the merits falling from the sky, Zhu Bajie’s nose became smaller, and the whole image became more intimate, obviously making progress again.
Buddha Tathagata then turned to Sha Wujing, and said, "Sha Wujing, you were a general of rolling curtains. First, you were degraded to the lower bound because you broke the glass lamp at the flat peach meeting. You fell into the Liusha River, hurting people and committing sins. Fortunately, you converted to my religion, sincerely respected and protected the holy monk, and made meritorious deeds in climbing horses, and you were promoted to a higher position and became a golden arhat."
"Disciple thanked Buddha for his gift." After Sha Wujing worshiped the Tao and absorbed the merits, he was exhausted and suddenly relaxed a lot.
"Ao Lie, you are the son of the Dragon King of the West Sea. Because you disobeyed your father’s orders, smashed the supreme reward of the Three Realms, committed a dogma, and committed a crime of unfilial duty. Fortunately, you have been converted to the Dharma and converted to my Saman. Every day, you are indebted to you for carrying a holy monk to the west and a Bible to the east. Those who have also made meritorious deeds will be promoted to your post and named you as the Eight Tianlong Guangli Bodhisattva." . Tathagata Buddha Road.
"Thank you, Buddha! ”。 After Ao Lie absorbed the merits, he became a pedestrian, worshiping the Tathagata Buddha.

Chapter one hundred and two Negotiation Eight Scenes Palace
Chapter one hundred and two Negotiation Eight Scenes Palace
In Tang Sanzang, they sealed the system and made a positive result. Thirty-three days later, Zhunti and Amitabha in Elysium were filled with ecstasy. Because at this moment, they felt that the Buddhist prosperity that was originally revealed by the secret had become a Buddhist prosperity.
After a long time, Amitabha finally calmed down his state of mind that had not stirred for a long time. Standing up, Amitabha smiled at Zhunti: "Now the secret shows that Buddhism should flourish, and the wishes of you and me for hundreds of millions of years can finally be realized, and all this depends on my brother. Please be worshipped by the poor monk!"
Say that finish, amitabha bent down to worship.
I must ask where I dare to be worshipped by Amitabha. When I saw it, I quickly held Amitabha to stop him from worshipping.
"Brother Buddha, this can never be done. You must mention what you can do, and Yan deeply can be worshipped by brother Buddha. Thinking back then, if Brother Buddha hadn’t helped me, I might not have been transfigured by now, and how can I be a saint today? A drink and a peck, heaven has long been doomed. Besides, Buddhism is founded by you and my brother, so how can I not do my best for him? It’s natural to do what you must do. Brother Buddha, why should you worship me? " . Holding amitabha firmly with both hands, I must say with smile.
"Having said that, but bro for my Buddhist pesters at reputation, for brother is really no report. Don’t refuse again, brother. You can definitely afford this worship. " Amitabha smell speech, shake head a way.