Because of psychological reasons; Sunday’s love for Lele can be said to be the best, which is compared with little Loli. Sunday’s love for Lele is not weak. Now when I hear Lele’s reproach; Sunday is naturally impossible to get angry. Instead, he touched his nose shyly and said, "I’m sorry for Lele;" Master, I have a lot of things to deal with outside, so I have no time to enter the space to accompany Lele. However; When the host finishes his work, he will definitely come into the space to play with Lele for a while. Is this ok? "
"Who wants it!" Little Lele deliberately pretended to be disdainful and replied to Sunday’s sentence, but she didn’t know when she said that; Whether it’s the smile on the face or the hands twisted together because of nervousness, it’s already early to express their true thoughts. This kind of duplicity is also very cute for Sunday.

Chapter seventy-five Wind apricot effect
"master; Since you transplanted Prunus armeniaca into the space, your authority has been improved again, and now the time ratio between the space and the outside world has widened a lot, about one day outside; Space is more than 400 days; Nearly a year and a half. "
"No?" Sunday felt a little surprised and couldn’t help asking Lele the elf, "It just improved the time ratio of some spaces. Isn’t there any new function like warehouse?"
Hear Sunday; Lele, the elf, couldn’t help but roll his eyes at him directly and replied disdainfully, "What else do you want, master?" The greatest ability of space is originally the time ratio with this world and the special growth environment of animals and plants, in addition to these; The rest of the abilities just play some auxiliary roles. Space is not everything. The time difference between expanding space and this world is still the reason why your space authority is relatively low now. When the future comes; Maybe it’s that you transplanted 10 thousand apricot trees in; It won’t have much effect at that time. "
Hear the words of the elf Lele; On Sunday, I couldn’t help but smile awkwardly, knowing that what I said before was a bit greedy. Sunday stopped talking about that, and directly changed the subject and asked Lele, "What about the apricot tree?" You can always tell me the ability of that tree! After all, your master and I almost lost my life to get this spiritual root. "
"What spirit root! However, it is a descendant of Fenglinggen Fengling Apricot, and I don’t know how many generations it has been passed down. The apricot fruit has long lost the ability of Fengling Apricot, and its effect is much worse than that of some elixirs, that is, the owner regards it as a treasure. "
"Say what nonsense; I asked you about Feng Xing’s ability, not your messy opinions. " Although there is a lot of water in it before, there is a little content in Sunday’s words that is impervious to any water. Before getting this apricot tree; Sunday is really almost died under the arrangement of the other party.
Because of the hard-won reason of the apricot tree, no matter whether it really has much ability, for Sunday; This tree is quite precious, and now listening to Lele belittle it so useless, Zhou Tianxin will naturally feel a little uncomfortable.
See Sunday angry; Lele was a little scared, too. After leaving the pie mouth, he could only honestly answer Sunday: "That apricot tree is not a spiritual root; But it is finally a descendant of Linggen, which is much more precious than ordinary apricot trees. This apricot tree blooms once every ten years and bears fruit once every ten years, and each time it bears 999 wind apricots. People can eat one wind root that can strengthen a little practice, and can eat up to three trees. Eating again can only increase the wind spirit in some consumers. "
On Sunday, after hearing the words of the elf Lele; But even the corners of the mouth laughed to the back of the head. Originally, when I heard the elf Lele’s disdain for the wind apricot tree, I thought on Sunday that the wind apricot tree had no effect at all, and the fruit was at most to quench my thirst, but I didn’t want to listen to the elf now. On Sunday, I found that the apricot tree was useless; It is simply a priceless treasure!
Cultivate immortality; In addition to the need for opportunities and materials, my talent for success is also a very important factor. You can imagine; When a person with a good spirit root practices for one year, the effect of others’ practice for ten years and a hundred years is comparable, it is not difficult to see who is more likely to achieve some results between the two sides!
To cultivate is to seize time; Whoever can go further at the youngest age has a greater chance of getting the avenue. If you are still in the primary realm of agility and practicing qi after you are 50 or 60 years old, then it is hard to practice the foundation all your life, let alone become an immortal.
All the factors that can affect the cultivation of immortals are very important to monks, and Linggen is no exception.
Although it is only to enhance the ability of Fenglinggen, it is this ability, if used well; It is not difficult to imagine that people without the qualification of cultivating immortals will have the qualification of cultivating immortals; Originally, it can only be said that people with mediocre talents will become geniuses, and geniuses will become even more geniuses. This situation is not a formula problem like one plus one equals two. After learning the effect of this apricot, I am afraid that it will be one of those large schools of cultivating immortals, and I can’t help but be tempted!
On Sunday, I know why the Blood Shadow Sect, which makes the royal elder sister very fearful, will mix in the mortal world to create a black-clad building. My family’s achievement method is just a trivial matter, and this apricot tree is in this matter; Maybe it is the most important role!
"Since it has such a powerful effect?" The chicken moved on Sunday; However, my heart is a little uneasy. Could it be that Lele, the elf, made a mistake? There are ways to strengthen the spiritual roots, but what is not a treasure of fate? How can the fruit of a tree have such a role? In the case of suffering from loss; Even though it is almost impossible to know that I heard wrong, I still can’t help but ask that sentence at that time on Sunday.
"Hum; Rare and strange! " Gave Sunday a contemptuous look, as if Sunday was a bumpkin who had never seen the world before. Lele, an elf, flew proudly in front of Sunday, and finally stopped, only at that time did he proudly face Zhou Tiandao: "The spiritual roots of heaven and earth almost each have some laws of the world, and the spiritual fruit naturally has some relationship with Heaven, just like a flat peach; The worst can also enhance people’s life span, if it is stronger; It can even make people become immortal. Compared with the real spirit root of heaven and earth, what is our apricot tree? Is it not to enhance the ability of a little spiritual root? Master, are you so excited? "
Sweat! Great sweat! Waterfall sweat! On Sunday, I was speechless. By comparison, it seems that there is really no precious place. One eats a little spiritual root, but the other can become immortal directly. It can really be said that the gap between the two sides is like the gap between saints and little monks in the smart period, so there is no comparison at all.
"The ability of the apricot tree is really nothing. Compared with the peach tree, it can only be regarded as a slag." Recognized nodded, as if Lele, an elf, made a very reasonable point, but; Just when Lele the elf flew proudly in front of Sunday because of this incident, Sunday suddenly caught Lele the elf and put it between his eyes, and asked him in a bold tone, "Feng Xing really can’t compare with the flat peach, but where did your master get the flat peach? You are just playing me!" Also; Where did you know these things? You should be the product of science and technology! Since you are so clear about the world at present, if you don’t give me an explanation today; I will … I will take off your pants and play PP. "
"Hum; Smelly master, I won’t tell you, Lele is not afraid of you! " Lele, the elf, didn’t take Sunday’s threat seriously at all, saying nothing; The figure flashed and escaped from Sunday’s hand. After making a face towards Sunday, it flew away directly towards the interior of the space.
"Wait for me not to run; Be careful if I catch you; Really will hit your PP! " With a cry, on Sunday, he chased Lele, the elf who flew away …

Chapter seventy-six gamble
One by one, the apricot was put into his mouth. On Sunday, it seemed that he didn’t remember how precious the apricot tree was before, and he directly regarded it as a fruit tree with a good variety. Carelessly, many monks knew that the treasure to be snapped up was eaten there as fruit.
"This is god horse, others eat can strengthen the spirit root; Because when the hair is on me, it will have no effect. " On Sunday, think about the effect you have just had on yourself after eating apricot. I feel a little wronged. Besides the taste is not bad, since it can only enhance some internal qi, er; Now it can also be called congenital qi! That is to say, it adds some innate qi. Isn’t this not much different from those Dan medicines that increase work?
Although the ability to increase work is also precious; But can that be compared with enhancing the ability of Linggen? For others, something that can be said to be priceless has come to me, and since its efficacy has been abruptly weakened by most, such a thing has happened; It’s strange that Zhou Tianxin can balance!
The feeling of making wedding clothes for others can be unpleasant, thinking that eating them can only increase your skill, while others can improve your spiritual roots; There is a feeling of envy, jealousy and hate on Sunday.
"Why do we strive to get something to let others occupy more than half of the benefits? There is nothing to say; This apricot will never be eaten by outsiders in the future. I eat fruit for myself, give it to Loli, my royal sister, and even give it to rabbits, but I don’t give it to them. I envy those guys. " Heart YY with such an idea, on Sunday while eating apricot; On the one hand, it was at that time that I withdrew from the space and began to drive back to Tieniu City …
It was fine at first; After carefully avoiding outsiders along the way on Sunday, I didn’t encounter any trouble. Until this has been marching for nearly a hundred miles, the situation is changed.
There is nothing wrong with the royal elder sister’s original scruples; Generally, evil sects are quite justifying one’s faults. Since some Christians suffered losses in their hands on Sunday, it is impossible for the Blood Shadow Sect to let Sunday go easily.
What’s more; Now, on Sunday, I also got the blood shadow teaching, which has already been targeted at the wind apricot tree. According to the wind apricot, it is enough to make any sect crazy. It is even more impossible for the blood shadow teaching to let the wind apricot tree they targeted be snatched away.
There was no movement before, just because the Blood Shadow Sect didn’t know who was doing the right thing with them, so there was no movement without knowing where to start.
Now it is obvious; As if all the ins and outs of Sunday have been found out by the other party, knowing that Sunday is going back to its own sect, the blood shadow teaching has already begun to lay a heavy defense on the way back on Sunday. If it is not Sunday, the alertness is not bad, and some blood shadow teaching believers are discovered in advance, that is, it is possible to bump into each other’s hands directly.
Before I really saw the style of the fix true world; It’s really hard to imagine on Sunday that those monks who call themselves worldly experts will use the power of the secular world. From the direction of Sunday to the direction of Tieniu City; In the past, nearly seven or eight cities have been occupied by the Christians of this blood shadow teaching, and teams are looking for his soldiers with the drawings of his face with the royal sister; Occasionally, in mid-air, blood shadow Christians patrol back and forth in red blood, under various lines of defense; On Sunday, it’s really not an easy thing to rush back to Tieniu City through the arrangement of the other party.
Moreover; What worries Sunday the most is that we don’t know how to deal with the situation in Tieniucheng. If Royal Sister successfully repelled the attack of Blood Shadow Teaching, it’s okay, even if she can’t be two places at once to save him, at least it means that Royal Sister won’t be in any danger. But if because of his reason, the royal elder sister was in distress or even died in the blood shadow, it would be enough to make Sunday regret for life.