Changsheng turned to look at Mourinho sitting on the coach’s bench.
He thought of the Mourinho he remembered.
Mourinho was only in his early forties when he first became famous in Porto.
Later, when he was full of hair in Real Madrid, everyone realized that he was already 50, and he was not a young and promising "rumbled" long ago.
Although he is getting older, his strong personality has not changed.
His pursuit of victory is still persistent.
His revenge is still very strong.
He is like an eternal fighter. No matter what others say about him, he will stick to his own path, even if he will go all the way to black.
Of course, it is impossible to go all the way to black, because he was already one of the most successful coaches of that era. He won all the honors that a manager can get at the club level, such as league champion, domestic cup champion, Champions League champion and UEFA Cup champion …
"Are you so sure?" Dimatteo next to him asked with interest when he analyzed Mourinho as if he were analyzing himself.
Changsheng nodded: "Of course."
Winning back eyes, blunt dimatteo laughed.
"Because I am such a person, Robert."
Chapter sixty-four Almost!
"Because I am such a person, Robert."
Winning to dimatteo say that finish, got up and walked to the sidelines.
He is chanting the name of modric.
"Luca! Luca! "
After luka modric heard the ever-victorious roar, he turned to look at the ever-victorious side.
Then he saw Changsheng and made a gesture.
He understood the meaning of the gesture.
The boss signaled that the side passage could be opened.
As was said at half-time.
First, attack in the middle. Once the attack in the middle makes Inter Milan focus on the middle, they can consider moving to the side.
Now Lazio scored a goal in the middle attack, and Inter Milan have completely shifted their defensive focus to the middle.
This can be seen from the last two minutes of the game.
Modric knows what to do.
After Chang Sheng arranged modric, he turned to assistant coach Rudy and shouted, "Rudy, let Giroux come back from the warm-up area!"
Rudy Gonzalez paused and soon understood what Changsheng was going to do.
He is going to play simple and rude!
So he ran to the warm-up area.
Dimatteo has another problem: "You want to replace cavani? So our attack routine is too simple, and it is easy to be restricted to death by the other side … "
Changsheng smiled: "No, I won’t change cavani."
"That you let Gill play …"
"Who stipulated the last center, it is necessary to replace a center, Robert?"
While speaking, Gill has run back, he still has some breathing, I can see that he rushed back.
He is looking forward to coming off the bench.
Changsheng looked at him with a look of excitement and expectation and said to him, "Are you too tired to warm up? Olivier Look at your breath … Calm down for me. I sent you up there to be the ultimate, not to experience the game. Stay calm. "