[End of Volume 51]

Chapter five hundred and eleven doom middleman
Blood in shushan Volume 52 Magic Wave Chapter five hundred and eleven doom middleman
When everyone heard Song Changgeng speak like this. Know that he is brave in the new world. Already afraid of the forces of Emei Sect. Two years ago, the Emei Sect destroyed one of his other houses. The two families are already in trouble. Now there’s another war for the magic wave pool. Yuzryha Bin and Cui Wugu and others are very depressed. They get on well with both sides. It’s right to help over there. And there are too many things involved in this matter. I can’t tell right from wrong.
Just when people don’t know how to persuade them. The sound of light and surprises in the air came. When Fairy Han saw it, she said with a smile, "My husband and wife are too big because of this catastrophe. So many people were invited separately. I’ve been trying to figure it out separately. When we met you this wave, we had already sent a message to others. I think they sent some leaders over. Just let’s discuss how to deal with this catastrophe. "
Cui Wugu also laughed: "That’s right. Now this robbery is together. If we don’t deal with it soon. I’m afraid it’s about something else. You | the dispute between the two abode of fairies and immortals is a trivial matter compared with this one. I don’t think so. How about all kinds of disputes between the two families for a while? After all, we are all in the same boat. It’s not good to tear your face. And things have priorities. Look ahead. "
Song Changgeng is also unwilling to talk to the Emei Sect. Turn around and fly to those who have just come out of the 47 islands. Ye followed. Two people to the front. Song Changgeng hasn’t spoken yet. Just listen to Ye Bin’s way to those people: "Li Wang. I cann’t believe you survived, too That’s good. Now the Little Antarctic is basically destroyed. You can go somewhere in the future. "
The man shook his head with a depressed face and said, "Ye Yi. I didn’t expect Wu Lingzhu to use this method so recklessly. Now our home has been destroyed. If this fairy’s magic weapon hadn’t swallowed up a lot of emptiness and evil fire, we would have a chance to escape. Maybe we’d have died a long time ago. But our island master artifacts are basically gone.
I don’t know what will happen if I get away with it now. Especially when we were not sleepy, we used to temper Wu Lingzhu’s baby in anger. I wonder if we can escape Wu Lingzhu’s father’s pursuit after things are finished here. I also regret not listening to my mother and Ye Yi. I didn’t turn over a new leaf, and now it’s all over. I wonder what Ye Yi has to say? "
Ye Bin looked at him with a sigh. He turned to Song Changgeng and said, "Song Daoyou. This man is called Li Wang. It is the owner of Liyi Island, one of the original 47 islands. Called Yunlei real person. The character is fairly peaceful. Father died young. His mother is my friend Cui Wu, the fairy of Biwu in Xianxia Mountain. Now the island is destroyed. There’s nothing I can do. I wonder if you can find a way to settle them? "
This problem can make Song Changgeng also ban it and scratch his head. At this time, Ye Bin turned to Li Wang and said, "Now all the experts outside have come to find ways to eliminate the disaster. So I advise you not to leave here. Cause misunderstanding by face. As for how to arrange your future. Let’s talk about those after the disaster is eliminated, if you can’t say them. Just stand aside. Let them go by themselves. "
Li Wang’s eyes flashed with gratitude. Know that Ye is looking at her mother’s help. If others can’t find their own mentality. If you don’t do it yourself Then all they have to do is rush out and basically die. But Li Wang is not sure to let these people listen to his persuasion completely. So Nuo Nuo should be two. Bow their heads and think about giving Ye Bin | a gift. Turn around and go back and start gathering a few leaders to discuss.
At this time, I fled to the vicinity. There was a light thunder. Jin Xia flashed. More than a dozen swords with different colors are worse than electricity. Like a star in the sky. Brilliant. Very. Fly here. And these people’s sword light is obviously flying fast. It takes a thousand miles. No, a little longer. They arrived at the sea near Song Chang and them. See everyone here. Just flew down.
Let’s operate and use our purposes separately. Looking at the sea and sky is vast. The waves are mighty. The water and the sky are of one hue. Boundless. After a dozen people received arrival. Be on cloud nine. Everyone went up to see the ceremony. Song Changgeng saw that there were also several acquaintances in it. Also flew in the past.
Among these people, except for B. There is also a wonderful one | people are all together. Others are like bliss. Tian hu’s treasure. Yi Zhou’s family. Return to Emei Sect and Songshan Erlao. Shaoyang Shenjun Linghun. Scorpio. Qian Kang and others are here. After everyone met each other, they said the situation. They all fell silent. This thing is simple. But there is no way for everyone to resolve it.
It took a while for B Xiu to slow down: "My husband and wife are looking for the Song brothers in the Antarctic. So the first thing that happened here. Then I went to middle-earth to invite you. Before everyone greets each other. After the catastrophe, we don’t know what caused it. I don’t know how to do it outside. This has delayed more than half a month.
Now you come out and say it before you understand. We’re here to use magic to unite and form an ascending channel. Send these too empty evil spirits to heaven. Let it dissipate in the green. But I didn’t understand until I heard what you said. It turns out that there are also some.
Besides, we haven’t done it yet, because the fire is too weak to flow. Can’t poison a wider range. But let them go to heaven. But it is not easy.
If you concise these too empty and evil spirits like the Song brothers. Arriving is a good means. But this needs manpower. And most importantly. It must take a long time. After the lung qi that was seduced by the magic treasure spell came out. The supporting force in the lung bubbles is weak. I’m afraid that those terrible fires in the sea will be poured in with the cracked orifices.
Then it will be in trouble. I’m afraid it will lead to lung changes. It will be light to deepen this catastrophe then. I think it will lead to other chain reactions. I wonder what you all think? "
Miao Yi, a real person, coughed and said, "I have heard from my teacher. I-one hundred and twenty-nine thousand years will be the world of a Yuan Fair. There will be a catastrophe every 12,960 years. Although not to the chaos of heaven. The world returned to the age of Hongmeng. But it can also make Fiona Fang’s territory tsunami and landslide. Floods cross. The flames are flying. Into a sea of fire.
Fortunately, heavenly heart is kind. Most of the disasters are in the cold and secluded places at the extreme edge of the Three Seas. But it will eventually kill thousands of people. Sin and poverty. The culprit that caused the robbery. It will also be slaughtered. Sink in the end. Can’t be born. Fortunately, this kind of robbery is a fate. But you can rely on Ford, who knows this matter, to be profound and knowledgeable. Inspire the sky with sincerity. Prepare bamboo with perseverance and courage. Try to make it right.
According to the tutor. The catastrophe of this 12,960-year-old day should be in the last hundred years. At that time, I was a big fan. And lead the friends of the second road to fight with the lovers of the copper coconut island. Disaster should befall them. However, due to the death of Song Daoyou. Let a mess. Ziyun Palace didn’t fall into the hands of Emei.
While Song Daoyou, although B Daoyou, is stupid and dirty. But it was resolved by tian hu Baoxiang Daoyou and Yi Zhoudaoyou. This doom is lurking. I didn’t know until I had a quiet calculation with my master elder brother recently. This day’s catastrophe is unavoidable. The best part is. The reason for this robbery is destiny. Great disasters lie in the invisible. You cann’t touch it here Then you will do it in other directions.
And once the sense of disaster. The person in the game who should rob the disaster. No matter how powerful. I always go my own way beforehand. Never know. That is, there are those who can know. Unless you have great powers. Know the mystery first. Know the machine well. It’s just the right time to arrange the payment. Exactly. At that time, we still need to gather many powerful people to help. It can only be saved in a close call.
Things are going fast. It’s fleeting Slightly. It becomes a cake. In vain. Or hurt the fish in the pool. Maybe. And this robbery was resolved by the appearance of Song Daoyou last time. Naturally, we should find him. Although he stayed in the light for two years. But as soon as he appeared, he was robbed and difficult. Draw it out by the person in the magic religion. Finally, we all have to clean up. And Song Dao should be the main force. "
Song Changgeng took one look. Just a thoughtfully know what he meant. Nothing more than pushing yourself out. As for other ideas, I am not in the mood to think about them. So after thinking about it. See everyone don’t talk and look at yourself. Knowing them is also a dilemma. He said, "I came by. Don’t want to encounter this thing. Whether it’s because of the robbery or because of me. But it has been born.
All we have to do is to find a way to destroy it. Now that no one has any safe way. I don’t think so. Split up at home. Most of them go to the bottom of the sea to repair the cracked orifices. Let the big one be restored. This is a top priority. Most of them go. The rest are patrolling the periphery. Avoid those old demons. If they use any magic to detonate this empty fire again, it will be in trouble.
After we make up for our mistakes. Then concentrate manpower to concise these too empty evil spirits. It will take some time. But it’s always better to see them on the green ghost. After all, that’s beyond our control. Who knows where they will float? If these evil fires fall into the world again. That’s a disaster. Don’t be careless What do you think? "
Everyone nodded. It’s the safest way to think about it. Everyone has been contemplating it. It was decided that Song Chang-geng and other skilled people would lead the team to fill the gap. Other slightly weaker ones. Those with less skills will stay outside and maintain patrols with several masters. When Song Chang-geng and others come out, they will condense these too empty and evil spirits together. After the agreement. Everybody split up.
Song Chang left my little girl with Han Fairy. They want to be a wonderful lady outside. They are in charge of magic weapons and vigilance outside. And he’s having an affair with B. A dozen people, such as Tianlingzi, do it all the way. In charge of the south. And Miao Yi, a real person, tells the story of Shu Ming’s Great Palm Sect and several students of Emei Sect. Shaoyang Shenjun Xian Yi’s family went to the east to make up for it on Monday.

Chapter five hundred and twelve Where is the real robbery?
Blood in shushan Volume 52 Magic Wave Chapter five hundred and twelve Where is the real robbery?
Qian Kang, the owner of the immortal city that never sleeps, led another team to the north to make up for it. Blissful people and others will make another trip to the west to make up for it. Just when everyone is acting separately. Tian hu Bao Xiang, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly said, "Hold on, ladies and gentlemen. Chang Geng. Do you really think things are that simple? Make up for it? "
This let Song Chang one leng. Tian hu Bao Xiang is his mother-in-law after all. Although close to the real person. But it’s not against yourself. Because that would hurt her daughter. Now that she’s asking questions. I’m afraid things are really complicated. Think carefully about what you just said. Sure enough, Qi Zhangjiao is insidious enough. He said that he should give priority to himself this time and then he stopped talking.
There must be more in the back. I haven’t asked since I was in a hurry to eliminate the situation here. You must have missed something. And tian hu Bao xiangfu didn’t wait for him to answer. He continued: "I have been thinking after listening to Qi Zhangjiao. Since it is a big robbery. But how did this robbery come about? Still not too tired because of the poisonous gas in the lungs after years. Just need to vent.
If an operation like ours. The poisonous gas in the lungs there can’t be spilled. Isn’t the robbery still there? If the robbery is still there. What if we do it again? Shall we continue to make up? Qi Zhang teaches. You should know, right? Why not just now. Do you want to kill Chang Geng? You know, a continuous illness will drag you down. What will happen if this world is robbed continuously? Is the honor or disgrace of one faction really that important? "
I was stunned when I heard it. Miao Yishen’s face turned red. He really wanted to take the opportunity to hurt Song Changgeng just now. Don’t want to be exposed by tian hu. Everyone didn’t talk for a while. The atmosphere is very awkward. At this time, Blissfulness really cleared her voice: "The personal grievances of the family and the grievances of some small groups should be put down at this time.
Although Song Changgeng did a lot of things that were detrimental to Emei School after his debut. The two families also played several times. But since he appeared, it was providence. He was not in the previous forecast. It’s not that we can’t observe the heavenly heart. Since we are all here this time, we are United to eliminate the catastrophe of the next day. All the grudges should be put aside. Otherwise, I will pass him first. "
His words made Miao Yi look like a ghost. Blissful reality has always been wandering between the two families. Profit from it. Today, this seems to be biased towards Song Changgeng again. At this time, the Blissful Reality went on to say, "This kind of vicious and poisonous fire has accumulated for thousands of years. You have to attract people with fake hands. It is wrong to let it vent, which should be the right way, and blindly close and block it.